Develop IoT Projects with the Raspberry Pi Zero W and Strawberry4Pi Baseboard

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Credit: Cabe Atwell

Designing IoT projects with the Raspberry Pi Zero W will become a little easier with the Strawberry4Pi Baseboard, which allows you to control virtually any electrical device, and do so from anywhere.

“We have developed a baseboard for Raspberry Pi Zero W to offer users of any level an IoT solution easy and cheap to implement. Any maker without extensive knowledge in hardware or software development can start building their projects. Only plug your RBPZW to your Strawberry4Pi Baseboard and go!”

The Strawberry4Pi Baseboard offers a simple, uncluttered layout, and packs 4X NC/NO relays, 4X 250VAC (@12A) relays and a single input connector. It also features status LEDs, a temperature sensor, 220V (input) to 5V (output) power supply, setup button, and a handy on/off switch. The Baseboard only uses five of the Zero W’s GPIOs (GPIO 11/32/36/38/40), leaving the rest open for use with your projects.

The accompanying app lets you set up various schedulers- including starting times, repetition, duration, and switch status on/off. It even enables you to turn on/off GPIOs, receive event notifications, and even let friends manage your devices via Wi-Fi (could be a bad idea). What’s more, you can connect other development boards to the Baseboard (in conjunction with the Zero W), and expand your IoT project platforms, or even add more Baseboards for that matter.

The Strawberry4Pi is currently being crowdfunded on Kickstarter, with pledges starting at $64 and up. At the higher priced tiers, it comes with a case, which does have cutouts for the relays, but looks like it restricts access to the Zero W’s GPIO and micro SD card, so keep that in mind when purchasing.

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